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Day 545

The nature of violence

Interesting chat at lunch about the nature of violence and kindness. We agreed that it is natural for most men to be violent and it is the law, education and social conditioning that keeps them from committing serious crimes. Some women are this way inclined, and all are capable of violence but they are less likely to enjoy it. This came about because Owl and Sunny admitted to killing all the newts in the pond when they were little. They admitted they were cruel and that they would never do that now. I was very sorry to hear this, and they were sorry to tell it. We all like newts. But wherever violence is legitimised, or at least accepted socially, even made out to be a moral good, it has thrived " think of the unleashed children in Lord of the Flies, think of Nazi Germany " the most educated western society at the time, think of the dark ages in history, and scientifically, The Stanford Prison experiment; also the Spanish Inquisition. All of these examples show us that violence, brutality, sadism are more natural to mankind than kindness, consideration and morality. Appalling thought.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    8 months ago

    Interesting conversation George.

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