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Day 392

The things that social media reveals

I was on Facebook this morning, when I saw that i had a notification. I looked at it and it was telling me that my estranged wife was interested in attending an event near me tomorrow. I wondered what it was, so clicked on the notification.

I was surprised to see that it was a Fresher's Party in a nightclub in our city. A nightclub that is known as a bit of a meat market.

I thought it was amusing, not upsetting. This would show up in the notifications of all her friends near us.

She does this frequently. I think it is to help create the illusion of a social life. She's even marked that she'll attend events that are on at the same time, in completely different towns.

It is quite sad in a way, but in this instance I am amused.

I've taken screenshots as I wonder how to broach the subject with her.

The mind boggles. I wonder if this is her trying to let people know that something has happened with us. Why else would a 42yr old married woman show interest in going to a Fresher's Night at a meat market nightclub?

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