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Day 521

The view from the top

Glorious! It’s windy and there are others up there, but we made it together. Alone together. We are full of smiles and a sense of achievement as we look at the rolling green hills around us, blue sky above, just flecks of white scudding across the horizon. It feels so good to be here, alive, our hearts beating. We sit quietly and take out our sandwiches. We sit on an edge. Not a ledge, just an edge. Below us the hill slides away steeply into a green deep valley. It looks welcoming and we are happy. The crags to our right tell of the earth’s painful movement, tectonic plates ripping apart. There was nothing gentle in the slope of the land way back. It would all have been craggy and bare. Raw, like that black face of glinting jaggered rock. I am glad for the others’ company. That we are not actually alone up there, with the wind and the elements for company. The fact that there’s a little community makes us feel safe, means we can enjoy this place as though through a window of civilisation.

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