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Day 747

The wedding

C's big day, his wedding. They’re a good match. She looks motherly in her thick waist and no nonsense shake of her head, her bright smile and concerned eyes. He is a gentle, adoring puppy dog. She will protect and care for him and he, in his towering height and broad shoulders, for her. He is vunerable and she is strong and she will make him strong too in time. He’ll grow in her love and they will have children and be happy together. That’s how it looks and that is all that matters on a wedding day. They have done well to find each other.

On the other, very small, hand, bad taste overflowed: the mawkishly sentimental speeches, the neon lit big letters of LOVE all over the place, the fake flowers blossoming everywhere in the freezing cold. There wasn’t enough food and too much wine. The people were fat and the rooms bare and white.

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