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Day 526

The weekend

Saturday was good. Spent the day shopping with best friends and some other friends. She found her wedding dress. We both cried like babies. I actually held it together for a good while. But it got too much, lol managed to break the zip on my had bag so had to buy a new one. Oh well.

Then met a man I'd been chatting to on the dating site for a while. Went to a comedy club, it was ok. But no spark, the conversation was flowing grand. I'm just not into him like that. The next day I text to say thank you for a lovely night. His reply was "Your welcome." Nothing since. Oh well.

Kids got me a cd, a spatula, (bold puppy ate my last one) and some flowers. Ex, Stocky, and H all wished me a happy mothers day.

Was back to work today. Still not 100% felt completely drained most of the day. But wide awake now. Can't wait until I'm finished these poxy steroids. Oh well, they are helping.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxx

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