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Day 7

There's no way to save her from herself...

We email back and forth; she wants to go to couples counseling so that she can tell me things that will hurt me, but I know all those things, because she's told me before. At this point, she won't listen to me not because I'm wrong, but because she doesn't want me to be right.

But in the end, I think it all went wrong a little over a year into our relationship; by some crazy set of circumstances, she read a journal I left on here, and basically has held it over my head ever since. Even though I wrote wonderful things about her, I also mentioned other women and fantasies, never imagining she would see these entries.

I don't see how we can recover; I see the anger and recriminations continuing in perpetuity. I see her disgust and disappointment always an inch away from coming out, the knife ready to stab away at me, because she can't forgive and she won't forget.

And she's back complaining about her son and I know that she knows that I'm right: she needs to get professional help and she needs to get it soon. But she won't do it, she just won't.

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  • PerceptivePal PerceptivePal
    10 months ago

    I'm sorry you're going through so much trouble with her, have you tried asking her whether anything will change how she feels? All the counselling, conversations, will any of it change how she feels about what she read?

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  • CongenitalWriter CongenitalWriter
    10 months ago

    There's nothing to be done: she doesn't believe in therapy (her culture doesn't believe in mental health) and she just can't get past it.

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