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Day 377

Three years ago, the romance began... but it's all over...

It's February 13th over there, but it's yesterday for another 2 hours or so. February 13th is the evening I met her; better yet, it was Friday, February 13th, a notorious unlucky day...

It was a cold, cold night and we were huddled close together in a wine bar. We met up at 5:30 pm and and didn't part until the next morning, about 1 am or so... and it was February 14th, Valentines Day....

and so that became our "founding story" - the romance of it all. Meeting on an unlucky day and ending on a day devoted to love.

I ruminated over us today and it all just doesn't make any sense.... everything started out so bright and happy and romantic, and in the end there were still elements of that love and affection, but there it was just made rotten by so many other things in between.

And so, as I reflect on all the good times, the laughs, the quiet moments, the touching and cuddling, I have to say I do miss her, and I think I should at least email her and say something, tell her how appreciative I am for all the good times we had together....

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