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Day 219

Thumper the Emu

" You see my dear Thumper if you look closer you will notice the contrails produced by the pressure differences spiralling off the little winglets as the air meets " I said. ...Thumper glares annoyingly.....I can see she has had enough of Mousie's step by step guide to what is happening during this flight home ! Thumper is not a bird of the air like me ...more like an Ostrich or Emu . She dare not look out of the window lest she remember that she is higher than Mount Everest.
Annoyance turns to play as she throws the flight blanket over our heads and we snuggle in and try to sleep. The noise from the engines is reassuring as we hold each other . Kisses for you my love ...little ones and squeezing her hand reassuringly to let her know that all is well with this sardine can in the sky.
We arrived back home on Sunday night and I am just revisiting our photographs wondering which ones to share with you my naughty nibblers! I hope you have all been good little bunnies whilst I was away!
Love Mousie xxxx

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  • Plume de nom Plume de nom
    13 months ago

    Welcome back, lovely Mousie.

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  • Mousie Mousie
    13 months ago

    awww you are too kind Plume xx

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