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Day 743

Time tapping on my forehead....

So it's Monday, another Monday, but it's not like any other Monday, because this Monday it's pouring rain, so we don't want to go out, and we are being told to stay home, so we can't go out. No gym, no doctor appointment, no clients...

The new routine is to read Rilke at 7:30, join in a video meditation at 8, morning prayers at 9.... I have never done a regular meditation practice, nor did I do prayers every day, but with so much time on my hands, I have to find a way to keep myself busy. So I meditate and pray....

and I cooked a pot of baked beans and I cleared out a space in front of my apartment by the window, where I can sit each day and look out on the world while I read and work and eat.

And I made a pizza for lunch and found someone to take a baby food machine off my hands, and chatted with NewGal and Daughter....

I listen to the news less often, because I know it's going to be awful. NewGal has a pet sitter whose mother died of "the virus," which brings it all a bit closer...

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