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Day 364

Time to go

I feel very sorry for myself. Very down. I cannot wait to go home. I cannot wait to leave James and Buddy behind me. I cannot stand them. It’s strange. It had always been assumed we were the ones that got on best but I find that I like Teddy the most. He is the most soothing, easy to talk to, understanding. He listens and is gentle. I find Buddy crazily passive aggressive with his infuriating whispering voice. Makes me want to slap him.And James, so sure of himself, so slick and cool, such a brilliant cook, so brilliant at everything. If I say thank you, if I say anything in praise of him or Circe I am knocked down, he doesn’t want me touching anything of his " ironing his shirts is trespassing on his stuff. He wants to be rid of me every bit as much as I want to be rid of him. He cannot stand my emotion, my strength of opinion, my messy style: me. Ma, well she is just lapping up the attention and love that is being doled out to her by her fawning sons.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    11 months ago

    We can choose our friends but not our family. X

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