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Tiring Day

At work struggling to stay awake, been to Chester this afternoon to meet my youngest son, who is a student in Bangor,he wanted to borrow my laptop as his had stopped working, my son is half way through his dissitation and very stressed ( not the only one ! )

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  • runcicle runcicle
    15 months ago

    Welcome jeany.

    Why has his laptop stopped working? (coffee? virus? rage?)

    Why isn't he getting it fixed? (or is this the prelude to 'needing a new one'?)

    You must stop getting stressed on his behalf. (Assuming here that your stress is being caused by his stress). It comes from a false belief that many, if not most, parents have (usually mums) that they have to participate in their children's emotions otherwise they are not a good parent. On the contrary, children must learn to deal with their emotions themselves, even when those emotions have been created in them by their parents.

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