• Day 8

Today I Love life

The past two days have been brilliant :), i spent all night on cam to GF, slept all morning and had fun with my friends after that. My sister is being nice to me, my parents are not hassling me about anything, and this is the first time i have sat down today :) Several jobs appeared overnight that i have applied for and i won't have to change my sleeping pattern for any of them :). GF and I were talking about how i will work in america, i suppose a working visa will work. and we both want a baby boy, then a baby girl together. I Love her and we hope our plans will happen soon as we want to get married one day :)

To everyone who hasn't had a good day, i wish you all the best :)

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  • Anonymous Anonymous 5th Mar 2013 at 7:04pm
    After a slightly rubbish day, it made me smile to hear you so happy xxx

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  • debo general debo general 5th Mar 2013 at 7:05pm
    :) keep that positive vibration i can feel it!

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  • Beautiful Disaster Beautiful Disaster 5th Mar 2013 at 9:15pm
    Way to go Dragonite ....Onwards and upwards all the way now ...don't look back x

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  • Dragonite Dragonite 6th Mar 2013 at 12:12am
    I would never look back, leave the past in the past, forgive and forget, i forgave myself the day i changed :) and i never want to return to the past :)

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