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Day 332


Visited Toledo today which was wonderful " tall, thin alley ways which kept us cool. Almost every window had a protruding balcony, often enclosed in glass " like glass boxes sticking out from the fronts of the buildings. Very Arabic in feel " the brick work was decorative and the arches in the shape of great key holes. It sat on a hill and gave us a view of the pretty terra cotta roofs and arid surrounding landscape. So dry and quite flat apart from the hill Toledo is on. We liked it very much. Even got a delicious and inexpensive meal in a Morrocan style restaurant, although the owner was a swarthy, handsome Syrian who gave us his wisdom as we ate his excellent meal " made by himself in 15 minutes for all 7 of us.

This evening poor J went into melt down. He was in his room alone. He didn’t play with the others in the pool as the sun set. Too late I went to see him. He was sitting tense on his bed facing the wall. We sat and talked for an hour. He says he has severe social anxiety. He is lonely.

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