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Day 8

Too many people.

As planned, I got up and drove to the swimming pool for the early bird session...

Only to see many more people than I was expecting.
Nevertheless, I continued on my path into the building, hoping that some of them might be there for the gym and not the pool. Some were. Lots were not.

As I turned left into the pool reception I saw a queue of men and women, probably twenty or so people, all of whom turned to look at who had come in.

It was too much...
I turned around and fled to my car.

I just want to go swimming! I absolutely don't have it in me to stand there around all those people, not knowing what I should be doing in an unfamiliar setting.
Everyone, including the staff, seemed to be milling around, not talking, just staring vacantly.

I have one more chance to nail this today, as there is a Ladies Only session at 9 am.

Perhaps when the men have gone, it might be easier for me?

It's 7.32 now and I'm sitting at home in my chair, my swimming bag on the carpet next to me.

I'm going to try again.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    28 months ago

    Yes go to the ladies only session it will ease you in
    I go at 8 am my pool is nearly empty bliss

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