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Day 42

Trip to the clinic....FUN! Not...

So got one MAJOR thing off my to-do list and went to the clinic for a refill of my pills. Ugh, what a trek. I know I should find a place closer to where I live now but since its only twice a year and I'm already registered at the place near where I used to live I still go to the same place. I always end up going without an appointment and try to get there really early so I can squeeze in, I can't seem to plan it properly in advance and just end up going when I am like "oh crap!" on my last case of pills!

Anyways, the whole ordeal took me about three hours but oh well, like I said only twice a year. I had a little 70 year old lady for my nurse who was really nice but giving me advice about using protection. I told her that I only have had the one partner for eight years now and she said "well you aren't with him all the time now" and gave me a pack of condoms anyways. Lulz! God I hate those things...

Anyways, going to catch up on some nookie!

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  • Alandouble Alandouble
    93 months ago

    What are you complaining about: you got some free condoms, what more do you want them to do?

  • Sexy Panda Sexy Panda
    93 months ago

    I dont use condoms....LOL!

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