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Day 591

Trustless Teddy

Had a bad chat with Teddy this evening: we'd like to put up W’s (his son) rent (he's living in Ma's flat) a little. She has lost a lot of money recently. He said that we (Buddy, James and I) were ganging up on him. He said the flat wasn’t rentable, that the fuse box is out of date and there's no gas safety certificate. There is a gas safety certificate and if he’s not happy with the fuse box why hasn’t he replaced it. He said W is paying the market rent. He’s actually paying well below the market rent. James has spoken to a letting agent but Teddy could gather his own 'evidence' if he wanted. Teddy said W will leave, without talking to his son. I think it might be easier and more lucrative if he did. What I find difficult is the lack of trust. The discussion was depressing. James organised the total redecoration of the flat a year ago. No thanks from Teddy. Teddy has not helped with anything at all. It even surprised us that he’s having Ma to stay this month. But he is and that is good.

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