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Day 379


Beloved went to his parents’ grave today. He told them that he was old now. I felt sad for him. He went to a TA reunion party last night and I think he and his friends all felt their age. I sensed it wasn’t as jolly and energised as it had been all those years ago.

Our neighbours came over this afternoon. They’ve been in their house for two years and we’ve never met them. They were aloof and they probably wish they still didn't know us. Ma said that I asked too many searching questions. I just wanted to get to know them. There’s no short cut to that. You have to let it grow slowly. I know she’s right. And Beloved was the opposite. He went into detail about the B & B business, even describing the little egg boiler mechanism we had put in the room. He can talk ad nauseum and not notice if those listening don’t give a damn. He’s lucky. They’re unlucky. So that’s why we have so few friends. Both of us have got it wrong in completely different ways.

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