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Day 639

Turning point

Today I am feeling a bit better, as in better in myself. The pain is still there and is still slowing me down, but Im not sure if its a fact that Im getting used to it. But I have spent mist of the day relaxing, with the kids helping out with chores.

I went to see mam and Dad, we sat in their garden under the parasol, just chatting and enjoying the weather, it was nice and relaxed.

I think part of my liw mood was to do with work. One minute they want us to work extra days, and the mext they dont. They are pushing people beyond breaking point.

I miss V, he is with his kids this weekend, but I will see him tomorrow night gor a few hours. Its going to be so nice to snuggle into him.

Right, sleep time. Hopefully it won't be a disturbed night. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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