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Day 330


I was completely unsure what to do. Dad had a scan yesterday and was told there were abnormalities found in his lungs, liver and blood. They wanted him to come into hospital immediately for further tests and to stay for monitoring and possible treatment. He refused to go. Teddy had arrived and Dad wanted to stay at home for the weekend and he’d go in on Monday. But last night he had a very bad time. He was very breathless so he did go into hospital today. I discussed the situation with Beloved who, until now, had told me not to go up. He now said, ‘Go, yes, I think you should go.’ I needed him to say that. I was just about to pay for my train ticket up when I thought I’d best tell Teddy. He told me with certainty not to come. Yesterday he had been unsure. But today he was sure. Dad was just going to be in hospital all weekend, most importantly the hospital staff considered Dad to be stable. The hospital that was calling him in is actually closed over the weekend so he was only going in for monitoring purposes.

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