Day 347

Valentine's Day with my unromantic husband

He does not have a romantic bone in his body, bless him. It's not needed, but it is laughed about now as
a running joke between us.

I am a hopeless romantic. I didn't really realise I was until we started dating and I kept reacting truly horrified to how practically he saw everything. But that's who he is. A very practical man. And he doesn't need to be romantic to love me, or even for me to love him. He regularly tells me how much he loves me, loves seeing my face etc. And they're random enough to almost be little romantic gestures.

We had nothing planned for today. Last night when he came in, he asked if I'd like to go to Nandos for lunch. Which was, of course, a big yes. Who says no to a cheeky Nandos?! Not me!

Then baby gave us an absolutely horrific night. Up from 1-5am on and off screaming and bouts of being wide awake. It was extremely difficult.

So now it's go and pick up a Nandos order to eat at home and watch Netflix.

To be honest, I think it just got a bit better.

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  • Otter Otter
    4 days ago

    That actually sounds like a great Valentine's date! (Aside from little one's antics. lol) My guy is pretty much the same. Romance is not really a part of his vocab, but shows he cares in other ways. I think the reason he's laying on the romance this year is because of our mutual best friend. I'm 99% sure she told him to do something and wrapped the gifts for him - because we don't even own wrapping paper and they look a little too perfectly-wrapped to be done by him. LOL! The gifts were definitely chosen by him though, and it's the thought that counts. lmao. I hope you guys enjoyed the Nandos! I've never experienced it before, and now I really want to!

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