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Day 452


CR and SD came for lunch. It was good of them to come. They came for Ma who had wanted me to cancel them. I told her that they were family. But they are not her family. They are Dad’s. Beloved pointed that out to me. They are financially and socially superior to Ma and they make her feel uncomfortable. It doesn't matter in the least to C and S, but it does to Ma.

We had a friendly chat in the car after I picked them up from the station. When we arrived at the house Ma didn’t even give them a smile. They were warm and kind. Slowly Ma thawed. Beloved talked a lot: about money, about how he hated all Yugoslavians, about FGM… he didn’t ask any questions. Ma said nothing. S was sitting next to me and is very gentle and quiet. C was next to Beloved and managed to survive well enough. I couldn’t tell Beloved that he was too full on. He wouldn’t have understood. And, in truth, I was glad for his constant talk. I wondered if there would have been enough to say between us without him.

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