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Day 8

void of all emotion

I finally got my belongings back from the ex, he sent almost everything that I had wanted back, save a few items that wouldn't fit in the box.
This irked best-friend-boyfriend (I'll call him "K" from now on) despite me saying it didn't matter and I'd replace them.

But the Ex found out about K and I, sent a message simply saying "I hope he makes you happy"
I replied "Thanks, he does ^_^" without even a twinge of sadness or guilt in my heart. I knew it would hurt him to see my picture - of K and I together, to see that we were together, that his fears of us growing romantically attached were true..

But still felt nothing.
What is it like, I wonder, to feel guilty or bad about doing something that is going to upset another person? How does it feel to still carry some emotion when you're not in the same room as someone?

With K, I know I love him.. I know he loves me, but I can't feel it while we're apart.. I just feel... nothing.

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