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Day 54

Was it a dream, or more?

We used to have this freaky connection. He noticed it first and pointed it out. We clicked so quickly and had so many of the same passions. We thought the same way about so many issues. We’d have stupid conversations all in gifs and send each other the same one at the same time. We’d text each other simultaneously out of nowhere and say the same thing. I could feel the pull of him even across miles.

That feeling has faded a bit... but I’m still always aware of what direction he is... like a compass.

Last night as I was falling asleep I had this experience. It was a dream I suppose, but I think it was much more. It was him. We weren’t taking, we were just together. I could feel him, feel his height, his strength, his arms, his hair, I could smell him. He kissed me and I could taste him. And then it was gone.

It was so quick but so incredibly real. It was more like a visit from his soul than a dream. I wonder if he felt it too.

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