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Day 84

We Flooded Again!

Imelda has flooded our townhouse twice in 24 hours. That's five times our home has been flooded since we moved in 11 months ago. This last time, water flooded the entire first floor.

I'm glad that we move in 3 weeks! Our new apartment is in a much nicer complex that has a saltwater pool overlooking a lake! And no rats, roaches, fleas, flooding, or UNCLE!

Honeybun and I have gotten so tired of him. He has become entitled. He is offended over every little thing we do, but expects a shining gold star on the rare occasion he runs the dishwasher. He tries to mooch us for money all the time for beer, and we've seen him standing outside our local grocery store pretending to be homeless to bum money for liquor or cigarettes.

He owns absolutely nothing, so Honeybun offered to let him keep the queen-sized mattress we've let him sleep on for a year. He has let his dog piss on it 3 times (that we know of), so we didn't want it back anyway. His response?

"I don't want it unless you give me the bedframe too."

He was then pissed-off when Honeybun explained we'd be keeping the expensive bed frame.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    4 months ago

    What a shit uncle - glad you're getting away from him...

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  • Otter Otter
    4 months ago

    Agreed, Rav. Last night around 11, Honeybun left to grab a late night snack. I was asleep by the time he got back, but Uncle had seen him leave. Uncle then deadbolted the top lock behind him. When Honeybun came back, he couldn't get back in and I was too far asleep to hear my phone ring. So, he called Uncle to ask him to undo the deadbolt. Uncle apparently was pissed off that he'd been woken up...

    Maybe next time don't deadbolt your own nephew out of his home?

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