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Day 139

Weekend with Penguin (Part 1 of 2 - Sorry, Harriet)

This weekend I did as I promised and made the 8-hour round-trip drive to visit Penguin. It was a wild ride, beginning with my drive home from work on Friday evening. I was waiting in a line of cars at my exit on my way home, when a lady in a van came flying at me. Her brakes didn't work because the road was wet. She tried to swerve to miss me, but ended up clipping my car (affectionately named Harriet) pretty hard. I pulled off to the side of the road and, once my knees stopped shaking, got out and knocked on her window to ask if she was hurt. She was okay, and asked if she'd hit me. I confirmed she'd hit my rear, but that it seemed like it was mostly paint damage and a bit of a dent. Before I could call the cops to file a report, she nodded her head, said she was glad I was alright, and drove away. Damn. I got home, still a bit shaken, and then realized I'd forgotten my purse at work - an hour's drive away. I then promptly became an emotional wreckage.

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