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Day 487

Weird meeting you on the subway...

I was heading home from seeing a client, sitting down with my friend "Cassidy" besides me, whom I've been using for the past 10 days to get around - an aluminum elbow crutch, mostly to get up and down stairs.

And there she was across the subway car: it was the older daughter from three girlfriends ago..... I knew her very well, because I lived with her mom for a year, and helped her through a lot of tough times. Daughter had gone through a lot of hard times in her life: her father passed away, she had a severe eating disorder that put her in the hospital, and was responsible, indirectly, for me splitting with her mother.

She looked well: she's living in Brooklyn with her husband, working nearby. She was happy and animated, unlike the mournful, nervous and uncertain girl I had first met six years ago...

What had happened to her mom, my ex? Oh, she retired two years ago, sold her apartment and moved.... to New Jersey? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I didn't ask, but I heard that she had gotten married, so maybe the fellow was well off, and she could do this.

Farewell my lovely!

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