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Day 640

Well thats a load of bollox.

A friend text me today asking how I was. I mentioned the accident and she jumped to the conclusion that I wasnt concentrating and that I may be trying to concentrate on too many things at once.

I then informed her that I was hit from behind at lights and that I had been concentrating. She kind of back peddled and said it wouldn't help with my injurys from the last one. And went on to ask about the kids and my relationship. It pissed me off that she would jump to the conclusion that the accident was my fault. And that she didnt even apologise for her ussmptions. She was a very good friend for a long time. I just dont understand why she would do that.

Best thing for me is to get up and mobe on. I dont need negativity in my life, and I know she will be over thinking and obsessing over the text oh well.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Sending lots of love, big hugs, big kisses and posivtivity to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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