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Day 518

Well today was strange. Lol

So sorry not been here for a while. I feel like I'm missing out on soo much.

Today was busy, and I feel like I have a bit of a problem with one of my female college's. Over the past couple of weeks she has groped my butt, and even grabbed my boobs. I was just thinking it was a bit of fun. She kept on grabbing my butt and actually rubbed it a couple of times today. I know she has a boyfriend, but now I'm wondering if she likes girls as well. She keeps asking me and another lady we work with into the changing room or toilets with her. We have both told her no, but I'm not sure she realises how she comes across. She is from China, and very forward when she's in a playful mood.

Anyway, has anyone got any words of advice? She's a nice girl and I don't want her getting into trouble.

Hope everyone is well and having a good Monday.
Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Mousie Mousie
    15 months ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay ! It is you ...mysterious Tammy person who sometimes has a good hump day! xx

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  • Tammie Tammie
    15 months ago

    Hahaha Mousie. I'm looking forward to a really good hump day. Lol.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    15 months ago

    Doesn't sound like a nice girl at all (at all).

    Or perhaps she just hasn't seen the news over the last years and isn't conversant with western standards of assault and sexual assault? There are people in prison for not much more.

    You would be doing her a favour to apprise her of this.

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