Day 10

What am I? ~ Sexuality rant

The more I think about things, the more I become confused. People today are obsessed with labels and putting things in neat little boxes.

So which box would I fit into? I thought it was "demisexuality" but they do not crave physical touch (by 'standard' definitions)

I tick the boxes - the lack of sexual arousal without a strong emotional and romantic connection. The need for intellectual stimulation prior to romantic feelings developing, I cannot "get off" on my own, unable to reach arousal without my partner being here.

Yes, I get turned on when we tease one another remotely, but self-service does nothing for me. I feel no urge, no release... nothing.
But when we are together, I am a very sexual person. in fact, I *love* sex, but, only once that close connection has been built up. one-night-stands confuse me. I simply don't understand them.

But I love nothing more than cuddling him, being tactile, a light touch of an arm, stroking of the hair...

Which box do *I* fit into? I'm not normal. Not in any aspect of my life, I suppose.

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