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Day 49

What does continuous texting mean?

One of the things that I was going to miss about my Now-Ex was the give and take of texting. Just waking up in the morning and having a nice message waiting for me, or getting funny messages throughout the day. Actually, the Now-Ex mostly messaged me a "good morning," but most of her other messages were random inquiries about something or complaints about her kids or about how busy work was keeping her. It was one way to break up the day - my work is far from monotonous, but I enjoyed being interrupted on occasion.Of course, if I didn't text her right back, she would get upset and ask "are you mad at me?" The way she always leapt to negative conclusions always frustrated me.

Now I've got a new woman who I've been seeing on a very occasional basis (once per week.) We've been out to shows and movies, I made her dinner a few times, and we like to talk and laugh. We've also been texting pretty continuously from morning to bedtime. Does that make us serious?

IDK - but we text all sorts of funny observations, photos, comments. We enjoy and it brings me relief.

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