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Day 4

What's got two thumbs and never posts?

So... my initial run at this lasted two whole posts before I just stopped. So since then life has been pretty eventful. There was the breakup (which was pretty inevitable). The new relationship, that lasted for 2.5 years before suddenly ending, and suddenly is not an exaggeration. One morning fine & planning a week of events, next morning "I'm sorry it's over" no reason given. I'd also opted for redundancy at work so that I could move closer to her. Backing out of that wasn't an option.

That led to about 9 months of pretty much living off my redundancy pay out, generally just doing what I wanted whith a bit of a #### you world attitiude. It's fair to say this is not my favourite part of my life. I eventually got my self sorted (mostly), today was my first anniversary in my new job. Do I love it? No, but who does. Have I had a relationship since then? No. I want one, but each time I get close, I back out, still not ready to trust again.
So there you go, about 4.5 years summed up in 200 words.
The title answer... This guy

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  • Confused Ape Confused Ape
    13 months ago

    Apparently it was three posts! I'll just add my memory to things that need fixing

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  • Rodeo Rodeo
    13 months ago

    Blimey, its been eventful. Well, you can write as much or as little as you like, as it's your journal (and journey).
    Have a good day, Confused

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