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Day 7

When critics go wrong

i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety before 2 years. it all began with an unrequited love.thats alrite..i recovered when i got love and care from my ex. i have issues of getting panic attacks, i feel scared of being lonely, my parents do love me but i feel they are expressing it in a way that i dont want and its too late also. so i dont accept it much.
i have issues of bipolar disorder where my moods goes extreme..too happy or too sad and too quick mood swings.
Im a medical student and i do not believe in CNS effecting drugs because I know its complete mechanism of action, so i do not take controlled medicines even though i was prescribed by the doctor. i know my issue will get solved just with one person whom i can trust for life.
it all got back after my breakup..
ppl around me have commented that im crazy and i need a break or im mentally unstable, including my parents.
it hurts. i do not know how to react, so i just get to my room and cry till my pain goes away.
wish i had non judgemental people/one person around me

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