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Day 430

Who am I?

I've read things over the years about "Who Am I?"

I'm a Dad. No, that's because you've procreated.
I'm an (job title). No, that's the job/career you're in.
I'm a son. No, that's just because you were born.
I'm a (nationality). No, that's just because of where you were born.

At this crossroads in my life, I wonder who I am.

Thinking about it this morning, I searched online again and found an interesting article from a psychotherapist (Mel Schwartz). In it he writes;

"This question - asked so often - suggests that there is actually a plausible answer. Almost as if our being were a fixed thing. People who ask this sort of question are typically struggling with their identity and are searching for a core sense of themselves. The irony is that the more you seek to identify who you are, the more fragile you are likely to feel about yourself. There may be an inverse correlation between the question being asked and the ease with which you experience your life. The emphasis shouldn't be on discovering who you are (what is buried beneath) but on facilitating the emergence of what you'd like to experience."

Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong.

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