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Day 174

Why Didn't You Bother? Just Lazy? Or Felt Too Comfortable?

In town earlier, I walked past the skinny, sickly-looking dude I once dated.
Looks like he must ride a scooter or something.
Also heard he works somewhere other than the bowling-alley he clung so dearly to.

I'm glad he's finally moving somewhere, it might not be in the higher aspirations that I'm moving toward, but at least he's (finally) moving.

Made me wonder why he never made the effort when he was with me. Why did he wait until I got sick of him to actually get his shit together?

See, I tried for two freaking years to get him out of that God-forsaken bowling alley, all in vain. It was the same with driving-he was too lazy to even try.

Maybe he felt too comfortable with me, maybe he felt like I'd never leave. And see, he was kind of right-I didn't want to see the pitiful look on his face when I would finally broke his heart.

In the end, I simply made myself so insufferable that he and I just called it quits.
It was for the best. I don't think I was happy with him at all after the first... Year?
He was boring, clingy as hell and wasn't going anywhere.

I'm glad I ran away.

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  • Only Me Only Me
    11 months ago

    Sometimes it takes a break up for someone to get their shit together. Don't take it personally, I have certainly changed a hell of a lot since I divorced. I doubt my ex husband would know me at all these days. It is just the way it goes sometimes. At least you feel glad you got out, that is something x

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