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Day 55

Why I'd love to see my New-Ex again....

I'm sure it happens to you: you get to thinking about your "ex" and you reflect on some nice time you had together (I was walking by a restaurant that we once ate at and had a lovely dinner) and it makes you nostalgic for the "good old days' when you were together, and you think, "hmmm, wouldn't it be nice to have that again...."

And I wish there was some magical incantation where I could do that, because I'm sure if I sat across from my New-Ex at a dinner table, she would start talking the same shit she talked when we were together. Which means, what?

Oh, I'd get to hear all about how disappointed she is with her kids, and how they're always complaining about her, and how she wish they were different, because that's all I hear about them each time. And I'm sure our we'd be interrupted by texting between her and the kids, so it's not like there would be much of a conversation....

And then she'd start complaining about me, and why aren't I more like this or that, and I'd have to listen to it again....

Yes, the "good old days."

Something to miss....

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