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Day 297

Wishing I could just "log off"

I can sit and sit and sit at night, staring at the TV, laptop or my phone. I am aware that my brain is turning over and over, but doesn't switch off. I'm achieving nothing, but cannot go to bed.

Last night I ended up going to bed this morning. With a broken night's sleep, I was grumpy this morning. Thankfully, though we all slept in, I managed to get the children to school on time (just).

Sitting in work, with my head in my hands, wishing I could switch off for even a few minutes. Just a few minutes.

Still, I need to be here, I need to work. I know there is pressure coming this week. Not pessimistically, but knowing what is coming with my work.

The only glimmer of good news today is that I had a phonecall to say that I could see the counsellor tomorrow, or a week tomorrow. Funnily enough, I said I'd take the appointment tomorrow.

I guess that being a basket case has helped me this time.

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  • Rodeo Rodeo
    37 months ago

    Turning off is difficult, especially in this age of technology. Having contact can be addictive. But save it until the mornings x

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  • Plume de nom Plume de nom
    37 months ago

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think it'd be the same if I were sitting reading a book, a newspaper, a magazine or even just staring into space.

    Brain just constantly turning over, like an engine that you can't switch off.

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  • Only Me Only Me
    37 months ago

    Plume, I used to be the same. Mind constantly whirring, never really sleeping properly, never actually shutting down long enough to get some rest. I hope you get something from the counselling that will help you learn to stop overthinking. xxx

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