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I don't know what's going on. Twice now my boyfriend has said he doesn't want to go to a social gathering with my friends. tonite was a work colleagues leaving dinner and as we are driving to her house he says he can't handle being around ppl he doesn't know. if he had told me he was feeling well and didn't want to go. that would be fine, but he should i have told before we were in the car and had to turn around. so i had to kind of lie to my friend and i'm missing out on seeing her before she leaves for good. i'm gutted. and upset

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  • :)isgood :)isgood
    70 months ago

    How unfair!! Sorry you missed out on seeing your friend. Perhaps your bf really does have a thing about being nervous around people? Talk to him about how it really upset you having to miss your friend's party, and see if you can find the problem. xx

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  • Ruby East Ruby East
    69 months ago

    I know, i will try and chat to him about it. It's just that we have been together for almost five years. We have just moved in together and suddenly his mood have become more erratic. he doesn't even give you time to know he is upset or worried. he will just drop into a mood and them come out with whatever it is bothering him. its fine to be emotional and let other know ehat you are feeling. but you should give them a bit of a heads up. i'm just secreatly worried he is getting depressed about work and wont tell me. xxx

  • Lammy Lammy
    69 months ago

    That's out of order. Simple as. If my boyfriend had done that he would've got the silent treatment for daaaaays! Talk to him about it, tell him thaty you feel he was out of order and now you feel that because of him you have missed out on saying goodbye to your friend. My boyfriend is the same mood wise. He lives with me at my parents house, i think maybe when you spend so much of your time together you take each other for granted and spending time with each other just becomes the normal thing to do. Try and spend some time doing your own things for a bit maybe? He may then appriciate you more and be happier about things? It's hard to help when we don't know your partner, can only really give basic answers. I hope thigns improve for you xx

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