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Day 28

You make me young...

No not Frank but my Grandmother. I see her, sitting there, squinting through her special glasses, tongue practically lolloping out of her mouth in concentration. She is 90 but yet 6 within herself and I see that child - her fun, excited, interested innerself and i wonder at her positivity and youth.
She may have 3% sight and be on various medications but she has so much to give and so little to hand over to The Reaper. He's going to have to I go through me to get to her.
Right now let's play Connect 4! (She'll win).

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  • White Dog White Dog
    13 months ago

    Lovely to see your infamous grandma, I see the resemblance and hear the resemblance in your description. She certainly doesn't look her age! x

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  • Thanks WD, she would absolutely love you.

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