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23 Sep

Bad Luck or Bad Judgement?

I think it is the latter for me. Never heard from Married Man again since our last exchange of sext

Bad decisions

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  • runcicle

    runcicle Our judgment makes our luck. So it's the same ...

  • pureandsimple

    pureandsimple True indeed. As I said, completely my choice

21 Sep


Been away to clear my head. Ceased sexting with Married Man. Realised I indulged him because I wante

Relationships, Ex, Closure

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16 Sep

Phone Sex

Married Man IM'd me yesterday afternoon and we resumed our sexting. It was just crazy. The sexti

Phone sex, Married man, Masturbate, Instant messaging

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15 Sep

My Evil Twin

There I was, trying so hard to listen to the sermon but my mind was filled with fantasies of how me

Ex, Married man, Sexual fantasies

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14 Sep

Mistress or Not?

Haven't heard from Married Man since we wished each other a nice weekend yesterday evening via S

Mistress, Sexting

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13 Sep

Sexting (with a married man)

Past two days, been sexting with a married man. Someone I used to work with ancient years ago but st

Cheating, Hurt, Shame, Sexting, Ex-Boyfriend

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  • Rodeo

    Rodeo You cannot beat a good sext. I learnt about them l...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Ha ha! so its not just me thats been up too this t...

  • White Dog

    White Dog Be careful pureandsimple, it might be fun but it s...

  • pureandsimple

    pureandsimple White Dog - You're absolutely right. I get emo...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous same here.....yes, be careful x

7 Sep

Honesty Makes Love Real

I don't consider myself as a bad person like a thief, murder etc. I know honesty is telling "

Love, Honesty, Relationships

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30 Apr

All Clear

Found out the results of my recent STI test today and everything is negative. I feel relieved yet as


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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous A lesson well learned, and congradulations on the ...

11 Mar

Shepherds vs Cottage Pie

Friend 1: What's the difference between shepherds pie and cottage pie?Friend 2: One is made with

Friends, Jokes, Humour

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Letting Go of Your Balloons
10 Mar

Letting Go of Your Balloons

Haven't been on Pencourage long but I like this site. It's great to see how people from different pa

Letting go, Encouragement

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  • Dragonite

    Dragonite a few days ago i don't think i would be able t...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Delightful analogy! I might as well start doing th...

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Dragonite, for goodness sake don't fill them w...

  • Julkie

    Julkie What a lovely thought pureandsimple - let's ho...

  • Dragonite

    Dragonite hahaha... I let them go a few days ago... Fell far...

27 Feb

Counselling - Taboo or not?

Colleague: "So what you doing tonight?"Me: "Oh, I'm going to see my counsellor tonight."Colleague ga


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  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life You are lucky to have one who you are happy to con...

  • Salt Lick

    Salt Lick I think everyone could use it--we all end up accum...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous A friend asked me why I went to college and I repl...

  • Marie-Antoinette

    Marie-Antoinette With all due respect to your colleague, f#!k her/h...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Marie - she is a very closed minded individual. Fu...

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